Falls Prevention

Falls are the number one safety issue for Canadian seniors according to the Canada Safety Council. They account for almost two-thirds of injuries for which people are hospitalized over the age of 65, and 40 per cent of the reason people are admitted to care facilities. 

Risk factors that contribute to a fall include:

  • Medication 
  • Slowed reflexes  
  • Loss of motor coordination 
  • Poor eyesight and 
  • Issues with balance

Hazards around the home can also contribute to falls.

When caring for a person with dementia, it is even more important to reduce these risk factors as much as possible.

Get your home assessed for potential falls. For free.

A Fall Prevention Assessment is an effective way to identify safety risks in your home. Consider it a fresh set of eyes to help keep you and your loved ones safe. 

A health care professional trained in fall prevention will come to your home to provide you with a home safety checklist, along with information about a range of mobility aids and devices available. 

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More free resources about home safety

There are many online resources providing quick and easy checklists for home safety and fall prevention. Read up on Fall prevention tips provided by the Canada Safety Council here:

The National Institute on Aging has published valuable information about home safety for people with Alzheimer’s Disease:

Review the Public Health Agency of Canada's Safe Living Guide.