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Reaching out to people at the Alzheimer Society of Calgary saved my life. They really understood, and didn’t judge me."

- A caregiver support group member

Gentle Persuasive Approach

On Going All day sessions

Because we all deserve to feel safe in the workplace


You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed. Let’s work together and

remind you why you fell in love with your career in the first place.

With 1 in 5 care providers reporting feelings of distress, anger or depression when caring for those with dementia, a new approach is necessary.

Implementing the Gentle Persuasion Approach is a proven manner aimed at keeping your employees and people in distress safe.

With a trainer coming to your workplace and educating you and your colleagues, this one day course pays huge dividends for your safety and ability to do your job effectively. 

“GPA provides practical techniques to prevent

or intervene in behavioural

escalation at the workplace”

– Cindy Bond, Community Education Specialist


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