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Reaching out to people at the Alzheimer Society of Calgary saved my life. They really understood, and didn’t judge me."

- A caregiver support group member

Best Friends Approach Training

October 25

The Best Friends Approach™

At the Alzheimer Society of Calgary, we provide care based on the Best Friends Approach™. This is a model of care for people with dementia emphasizing empathy and friendship and founded on a book written by two experts in the field of dementia research (Virginia Bell and David Troxel). Our staff members are thoroughly trained in the Best Friends Approach™ as it aligns with our guiding principle of person-centred care.

The staff members hold fast to the beliefs outlined in the Best Friends Approach™- that every person diagnosed with dementia has the right:

To be treated as an individual, with dignity and respect

To be informed of one’s diagnosis

To have appropriate, ongoing assessments and medical care

To live in an environment designed for an individual’s abilities and interests

To be involved in work and play for as long as possible

To be outdoors on a regular basis

To have physical contact including hand-holding and hugging, based on individual comfort and needs

To be with people who know and understand one’s life story, including family, cultural and religious traditions

To be cared for by individuals willing to participate in ongoing training in dementia care

If you have questions about the Best Friends Approach™, please contact us. You may borrow copies of the books at the Alzheimer Society of Calgary’s main office, the public library or find it for purchase at your local bookstore or online.

Price: $150

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