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As a first step towards acceptance of the changes in my husband [after his diagnosis] I made a phone call to the Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary to sign up for a course. After explaining my intent, and before anything else was said, the person on the other end of the phone asked, “How are you doing?” So unexpected, so sincere, so compassionate, so moving. We chatted for a long time.

- A person who reached out to us

Caregiver Strategies for Dementia

Ongoing Afternoon or evening sessions available

Alzheimer Society of Calgary office (800 - 7015 MacLeod Trail SW)

If someone close to you has Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia, this workshop is definitely worth considering.

Consider it "Caregiving 101." Whether you're a family member, caregiver or friend of a person living with dementia, you can experience a wide range of challenges - from managing new behaviours to adapting the way you communicate and feeling the stress and emotional impact in your own life. Gain the practical strategies you need and equip yourself with a helpful, easy-to-use framework that will inform and guide your responses and decisions moving forward. You'll grasp a more complete understanding of dementia and learn about the possible changes ahead. Gain confidence, build your resiliency and empower yourself with great skills.
This two-workshop session is about real-life strategies for building stronger connections to the person living with dementia, regardless of the nature of your relationship with the person. This information is helpful at all stages along the journey (regardless of early, middle or late stage dementia,) and is based on the Best Friends™ Approach.

Topics include 

  • practical caregiving strategies
  • understanding changes in behaviour
  • improving communication
  • legal and financial considerations
  • understanding other perspectives
  • creating support networks
Many participants have formed meaningful connections with their classmates and have gone on to develop their own informal support networks and friendships.
"I would definitely recommend this course to others."
"There are people out there that just don't know how helpful this information can be. Thank you so much!"
"It's helpful knowing I have a place to turn to."
"Very informative and well-presented." 
This session runs nearly two times each month and will rotate between sets offering during the evening and afternoons. 
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Price: $50