Live Artwork created by YOU

Published: Dec 08, 2015

It was hard to miss the large, black structure towering over people in the square at Eau Claire Market. This year’s Alzheimer Walk & Run brought about a new and exciting feature that we along with the Manor Village Life Centre’s we’re more than a little excited to unveil.

This interactive art piece was an opportunity for participants to share their voice and creativity with the community. All were invited to wander up to the blank canvas and leave their mark. Using colorful markers many left words of encouragement, while others drew pictures, and some shared stories.

Participants didn’t have any prep work to do to join in, but we sure did. Thanks to the help of United Graphics, a local printer, dreamer and concept executer worked alongside Vida Events to tirelessly make the vision a reality.

On Sunday morning, the blank, black canvas came alive. It became vibrant, colorful and a work of art that will live on in the community. The art represents all the ups and downs, the joy and pain, the connection and laughter of the day, but also the journey of those impacted by dementia.  

If you missed it this year, not to worry, you’ll have time to Think it? Ink it! next Thanksgiving. We hope to see you there.

Click here to see a few of our favorite pictures and here for a video of Think it? Ink it! by the Manor Village live in action. If you have any photos please share them with us using the hashtag #yycalz.