Generous donation creates change for Calgary families

Published: Mar 04, 2015

The Alzheimer Society of Calgary was fortunate to receive an incredible $14,375 donation towards the local Alzheimer's community from 100 Women Who Care Calgary. This is a group of progressive, innovative and philanthropic individuals who come together regularly to share ideas and create change in their local community. This is a really significant gift for the Alzheimer Society of Calgary and has a big impact on allowing us to continue essential programs for the families we serve.

The donations received from 100 Women Who Care have been directed to our caregiver support programs right here in Calgary. More than 1,500 Calgarians will contact us this year for support, information and guidance in addressing the day-to-day challenges along their journey. And the majority of those people contacting us will be daughters, sisters, and wives of people living with dementia. Women very often take on the primary caregiver role and are very active in seeking out support.

We'd like to share one very recent story of a woman who was able to reach out to us for help because of this support. 

Anne has been in touch with the support staff at the Alzheimer Society of Calgary a number of times over the last few months. Hermother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and she's experiencing symptoms consistent with the early stages of the disease. Nickie, one of our on site social workers, asked Anne if she could describe how she has been helped by the Alzheimer Society of Calgary, and this is what Anne told her:

“My sister and I feel like this disease is a maze....

...All the information is overwhelming, and there’s so much to think about – doctor’s appointments, medications, the stuff you read on the Internet, not to mention - how to support our mom who is aware of her diagnosis and is really distressed right now? Throughout this time I have felt like the Alzheimer Society of Calgary has been my touchstone. I have been able to reach out; to process things with an understanding and neutral third party; and to get support in prioritizing or doublechecking the information I’m receiving. Because of being able to speak to Nickie and other support staff there, I feel like I have cut through this maze of information, to really identify what would be most helpful for us to focus on with my sister and my mom. Things are much less stressful and we’re able to support my mom much better.”

Our support team also wanted to express their thanks to 100 Women Who Care for making it possible for them to do this work. Nickie says “When I heard that feedback from Anne, I thought to myself, “that’s what I’m here to do, that’s what my work is about. Because of the support of 100 Women Who Care, I can be what that person needs in that moment. It’s incredibly fulfilling because I can really see and experience that we are making a difference in someone’s life. Thank you!”

If you'd like to make a donation and help provide support to impacted families, every donation amount helps. Visit our donations page for more info.

For more information about 100 Women Who Care Calgary, or to get involved, please visit