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Published: Apr 06, 2015

On April 7, the Canadian Caregiver Coalition @CdnHomeCare is hosting an online education forum featuring recognized leaders in supporting family caregivers to recognize National Family Caregiver Day. The invited guests will share strategies and tools through a series of podcasts that will be supported by a live tweet chat. Participants from across Canada are invited to log into the forum and learn about new initiatives and activities underway to support the 6.1 million Canadians currently balancing paid work and caregiving responsibilities. The live tweet chat will engage the public to join the conversation about family caregivers, create an online community of sharing and inspire others to action. Join the Online Education Forum – Caregiver Information Day and learn what is happening across Canada to support family caregivers who are balancing paid employment and caregiving duties.

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History of the day

In April 2010, the Parliament of Canada unanimously adopted a motion declaring the first Tuesday in April as “The Invisible Work Day.” This day was designated to recognize the importance of the “invisible” unpaid work carried out by parents and caregivers on behalf of their children and aging family members, as well as the volunteer work done in the community.  Canada is the first country in the world to create this day. As family caregivers are increasingly receiving public attention, the first Tuesday in April has been interchangeably known as “National Family Caregiver Day.

Why is it important to recognize and support family caregivers?

Family caregivers are the invisible back bone of our health care system and provide over 80 percent of the care needed by individuals with long-term conditions. Their dedication, selflessness and compassion not only enhance the quality of life for the person they care for, but also contribute to the sustainability of our health care system. It is estimated that family caregivers provide $25–30 billion dollars of unpaid care every year. Over 8 million Canadians have taken on this caring role, and this number is expected to increase due to our aging population. 

Although caregiving is a rewarding experience, it does not come without a cost. Family caregivers often sacrifice their own physical, financial and psychosocial well-being to provide care to loved ones. For this reason, on National Family Caregiver Day, we collectively recognize the essential role family caregivers play in the lives of patients, in the health and social care systems and in our society.