Safety Plan Checklist for Caregivers

Published: Oct 06, 2016

Safety Plan Checklist for Caregivers

Dementia is not always linked with changes in behaviour or "aggression." That being said, we encourage caregivers to trust their instincts. If you feel threatened or unsafe in any way, or have concerns about escalating behaviours, it's often helpful to devise a safety plan. This simply means a few easy, pre-planned steps to take in the event you find yourself in an emergency situation.

A key part of having a safety plan is a leaving the premises when you are concerned about a potentially harmful situation. It’s important to have a bag packed in an area that is easily accessible so you do need to leave in a hurry you have everything you need to do so.

Have a plan in the back of your mind where you will go including where you can call for help.

Here’s a quick checklist of things to include in your bag:

  • Spare keys
  • List of important phone numbers, for example, family, friends, doctors, specialists, shelters, pharmacy, police, distress centre and Alberta Homecare
  • Extra medication
  • Extra cash, bank cards and credit cards
  • Toiletries
  • Clothing
  • Copies of important documents like the POA and green sleeve
  • If you have a pet decide where they might go

If you have more questions about creating a safety plan please feel free to contact our support team at 403.290.0110.