Check out Think it? Ink it!

Published: Nov 14, 2016

We all show up for different reasons to the Investors Group Alzheimer Walk & Run. Think it? Ink it! Sponsored by The Manor Village is a very creative way to honour and celebrate what motivates our  community to come together for the cause. Some of us are there for spouses, parents or grandparents. Some are there to remember and honor a loved one lost. Others are coping with the day-to-day challenges. And yet others act as moral supports, or just get involved because it’s a great cause.

Regardless of your reasons, Think It? Ink It! By The Manor Village gives us an outlet to express our thoughts, feelings, reflections and motivations on Thanksgiving Sunday. It’s a free space and a safe place to give a voice to our innermost thoughts. What starts as a blank canvas is transformed by you, and becomes an interactive art piece ready for show at the end. It’s filled with enthusiastic and colorful drawings, words of encouragement, cherished memories and celebration. What’s more, it really represents the rollercoaster ride and the complexity that is the dementia experience.

Special thanks to The Manor Village team for volunteering and the remarkable help of United Graphics and Vida Events for bringing the structure to life.

We could go on and on about what Think it? Ink it! means to people, but we’d rather share what we heard from actual participants. Check out the photos and inspiring comments below:

“I can't begin to explain. Tears were flowing at the Think it Ink it, and a volunteer just walked up and gave me a Kleenex and a smile, no words, that meant the world to me, just those little moments.”

“I really enjoyed the Think It Ink It wall. It gave me time to reflect on my reasons for participating in private. Very meaningful”

“I can’t thank you enough for organizing such a meaningful event. Three generations there to honour Stew Stewart and all the other people affected by Alzheimers.  Can’t say enough good things about all the organizers, volunteers and sponsors.”

Thank you, Manor Village, for helping bring Think it? Ink it! to life for us!