What if Bill & Joan had no one to turn to?

Published: Nov 14, 2016

Bill and Joan's lives were utterly transformed by the support of a person like you who chose to donate.

Bill called the Alzheimer Society of Calgary at a time in his life when things felt really uncertain and overwhelming. Bill suspected his wife Joan had dementia.

When Bill and Joan met over 40 years ago at a dance hall, it was love at first sight. It wasn’t long before marriage and children followed. Now in retirement, they looked forward to many visits with their children and grandchildren. And travelling the globe. That long-awaited “someday” had arrived.

Bill started to notice Joan’s forgetfulness and he wondered if she was just getting older? But she would forget where the car was parked, or have difficulty making their morning cups of coffee. More and more challenges in her normal routine seemed to creep in.

Joan pretended nothing was wrong. She refused to see her doctor and was even hurt by the suggestion.

Bill was getting more anxious and stressed as he continued to see changes in her moods.

He felt helpless. Between his stress and her confusion, Bill knew they needed help. He picked up the phone to call the Alzheimer Society of Calgary in hopes of finding answers and some kind of comfort.

Thanks to you, Bill was able to reach a real, live person and find immediate, confidential support. He found new resources and workshops that gave him different strategies to try. Through your support, Bill understood that he was NOT alone. And he had a genuine team to help them face the road ahead. 

Families in the Calgary area, like Bill and Joan’s, need you as part of their team. You can help them feel comforted, overcome paralyzing amounts of stress, increase their own understanding of these terminal diseases and connect with a whole community of help.

Your gift of every amount matters. Here’s what you can make possible:

$100 provides 4 caregivers with the opportunity to reach out for confidential telephone support.
$250 enables 12 people with dementia to experience an emotional lift through exhilarating activities at the Club 36 Adult Day Program 
$500 reduces social isolation and promotes mental health and well-being for 10 at-home caregivers through combined confidential support and group activities 
$1,000 helps 80 family members and caregivers gain confidence and an increased understanding of dementia and associated risk reduction

For families like Bill and Joan's, your donation transforms lives, literally. It allows them to find a new path. One that’s more manageable. And much less alone.

Bill and his family feel, “the support that was available to Joan and I was life-altering. It’s the difference between isolation and hope.”

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Bill and Joan's story and photo is a compilation of many other Calgarians’ experiences. For protection and privacy of our clients, we have substituted a name to represent her story.