In the beginning, Helen felt like it was the end of her family

Published: May 06, 2016

You’re reminded even as a child to be in the moment because in an instant it can all change. That never became truer than watching my mom live with dementia.

Our world came crashing down when we received news of my mom’s diagnosis.

It felt like the end of our life as a family, somehow.

My dad was determined to care for my mom. He deeply desired to make their life as full and positive as it could be. He felt the weight on his shoulders. In the beginning, he often felt like a failure and at a loss of how to work with my mom’s new behaviors.

It pained me to watch. How could I support him in this?

How do I help him care for my mom?

Where do I even start? The questions weighed on me.

It pained me to watch. How could I support him in this? So, I took the first step and I searched online and found local workshops, support groups, and counselors to help me and my family at the Alzheimer Society of Calgary. I gathered the courage to go to my first workshop on dementia.

But because of donor support, I experienced relief at the Alzheimer Society of Calgary.

I left with the real life information that I was so desperately seeking. We had what we needed and some peace of mind came with that.

I brought my dad in to the Alzheimer Society of Calgary to meet with the social workers. With each step, I could see him gaining the confidence and new strategies to care for my mom and help him cope.

Please consider supporting the cause. Your gift of:

$50 creates in-person, confidential support, which is a vital comfort and guidance for an impacted family.
$100 provides 4 caregivers with the opportunity to reach out for confidential telephone support.
$150 gives a caregiver the practical tips and strategies to cope and care for their loved ones at home (2-day comprehensive workshop).
$250 provides more than 50 caregivers a venue to learn about dementia care strategies.
$500 creates in-person, confidential support for 10 families or confidential telephone support for 20 caregivers.
$750 provides a specialized education session with a renowned dementia specialist in Calgary for 200 people, including latest research & risk reduction.
$1,000 enables 8 front line staff members working in dementia care to enhance their skills with a full-day workshop.

It’s because of donors that education and resources are available to people like our family. Information is key. Without it, we’d be lost.

Your help is needed right now. It’s your support that enables thousands of caregivers in Calgary, like my dad, to find a connection, hope and the confidence to care for their loved ones.

Thank you,

Helen & Family


P.S. Your support helps new caregivers receive the training they need to provide the best care they can even in these uncertain economic times. Your gift today matters.

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Helen’s story is a compilation of many other Calgarians’ experiences. For protection and privacy of our clients, we have substituted a name to represent her story.