3 reasons to get a timely diagnosis

Published: Jan 19, 2017

Padma is our Learning Specialist and that is a title she lives out to the max. And don’t you dare try to change it on her, in her opinion it’s the best one she’s ever had. Padma works to educate and train those interested in learning about dementia and working in the sector. She’s worked with everyone from search and rescue volunteers to Calgary Transit supervisors, dental hygienists, new immigrants and financial institutions.

One of the most common questions Padma gets asked is “why should someone get tested if there is no cure for dementia?” Padma explains, knowing the warning signs and getting a timely diagnosis allows families:

  1. Access the programs and services that are available. This is the only way to have access to programs and services in a timely manner. Without access to these, the caregivers are very likely to get burnt out and the individual will have no access to programs that can help them live well with the disease.
  2. A chance to put their financial affairs in order, plan for the future, and an opportunity to accomplish items on the bucket list.
  3. The opportunity to participate in a clinical trial where there is ongoing monitoring and follow up, and a chance to slow down the progression of the disease.

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