Alberta announces new dementia strategy

I felt a sense of peace in knowing I was not alone, and I had somewhere to turn when I needed it. You have enabled me to better understand and support my husband in all that he is experiencing. I'm so grateful for your support.

- A person who reached out to us

Alberta announces new dementia strategy

The Alberta Dementia Strategy and Action Plan was released by Alberta Health today. 

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Our collaborators and partners in the local Dementia Network Calgary movement will be reviewing the details as they relate to our vision of building a supportive, innovative Calgary community where people impacted by dementia can live life well. If you'd like further updates from Dementia Network Calgary, please subscribe to the Dementia Network news feed here.

The Alzheimer Society of Calgary will continue to gather information and share any pertinent updates affecting families in the Calgary area. if you're not currently subscribed to our news, sign up here.

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Want a quick summary of the document? Here's an article from the Edmonton Journal with a few highlights.

Photo credit: Edmonton Journal