OMA Facilitator Training

The Alzheimer’s Society has been a great resource for our family on this journey through the disease with my Dad.

- A person who reached out to us

OMA Facilitator Training

May 30 & 31st All day sessions

Alzheimer Society of Calgary

OMA is an evidence-based, intergenerational art program for people living with dementia. As demand for the program has skyrocketed in recent months, Dr Elizabeth Lokon (OMA Founder and director) from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, came to Calgary to oversee the Alzheimer Society of Calgary becoming the first Canadian Training Centre.

This development is a breakthrough for the local and national community, making the art program accessible to a far greater number of individuals working in dementia care.

Stay tuned for more information and details about the training session taking place in May 2019

To learn more about the Alzheimer Society of Calgary's history with the OMA program, click here.

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