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I could feel the grief all through my body – it hurt, like a physical pain.

I was sitting with my mother Gladys as she underwent cognitive testing. She’d look up at me for the answers - it was so difficult not to help her and give her little hints. At the end she said, “I don’t think I did that great.” It broke my heart. But I needed to keep it together in that moment…for her.

My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a short time later. She was just 68.

Those early stages were very tough. Gladys knew that something was wrong. She felt depressed and upset, it was agonizing to see her break down. Mom had always taken care of me. And now… I was taking care of her.

I felt helpless and alone. Was there anyone else that was going through this? I just didn’t know what to do, or how to tell our friends and family.

Luckily, when I reached out for support, I found it. I was able to join a caregivers support group, where we could cry together and laugh at the funny things. I discovered that everyone’s journey would be different and not to believe every bad story we heard. Being able to share and learn with others was a lifeline...Read more.

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