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These videos might help to provide guidance and education as you are looking to learn more about dementia.
Local Stories

Learn from people living with dementia, caregivers and Alzheimer Calgary staff who share their stories on how they have been impacted by dementia and how Alzheimer Calgary can help along the journey.

Lisa Caregiver
Meet Lisa, Caregiver
Lisa shares her story on how dementia has impacted her family.
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Peter Caregiver
Meet Peter, Caregiver
Long-distance caregiving is challenging. Peter shares his story on caregiving for his Mom.
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Ali Alzheimer Calgary
Meet Ali, Alzheimer Calgary
Ali shares how creative arts can empower people living with dementia.
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Jill Caregiver
Meet Jill, Caregiver
Jill's dad lived with frontotemperal dementia. Learn how her family was impacted.
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Ron Caregiver
Meet Ron, Caregiver
Ron was the primary caregiver to his wife, Joanie for over 10 years.
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Cindy Alzheimer Calgary
Meet Cindy, Alzheimer Calgary
Cindy shares how the Alzheimer Calgary can support you and your family in your journey with dementia.
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John Lives with dementia
Meet John, Lives with Dementia
John shares his experience living with dementia to reduce stigma and educate families providing hope.
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