Support Groups

Regardless of where you are in your journey, there is a broader community of support available for you in Calgary and surrounding areas.
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Want a safe place to talk about your caregiving experiences? You are not alone.

There are support groups in Calgary and surrounding areas for you to share your story. Connect with others in similar situations to discuss strategies, meet new friends, and learn together.

We have several support groups led by experienced facilitators who will provide valuable comfort, support, connections, and resources.

For care partners, family members and friends:

  • NW Caregiver Support Group
  • SW Caregiver Support Group
  • Varsity Group
  • Centre 70 Support Group (Alzheimer Main Office)

Note: Pre-registration is required.

Join the YYC Dementia Support Group on Facebook.

The YYC Dementia Support Group was created to provide a safe place for people to share their experiences and resources.

YYC Dementia Support Group
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Family Caregiver Center

The Family Caregiver Centre is a source of information, education, and support for care partners.

Call (403) 955-1674
Visit their Website

Counselling Services throughout the Calgary area

Crisis Support Services

811 Health Link and Dementia Advice Line

Health Link is a 24/7 phone line where you can connect quickly with a Registered Nurse. Health Link includes a Dementia Advice Team of Registered Nurses who can suggest strategies and recommend supports.

Distress Centre Calgary

Call their Crisis Line 24 hours/7 days a week for crisis intervention.

The Distress Centre provides information and referral services through their crisis lines, 2-1-1 telephone helpline, professional counselling, and public education.

Call (403) 266-4357
or (403) 266-HELP
Visit their Website

Mental Health Help Line

Call the Help Line 24/7. They provide support, information, and referrals for Albertans experiencing mental health concerns.

Call 1-877-303-2642
Visit their Website

Mobile Response Team

The Mobile Response Team (MRT) is a team of Registered Nurses, social workers, and psychologists who help with urgent mental health crises or distress in the Calgary Zone. They can arrange urgent psychiatry assessments and referrals as needed.

Call (403) 266-4357
Visit their Website

Alberta Health Services Grief Support Program

The Grief Support Program offers counselling to adults who have experienced a family member's or significant other's death. There are also grief groups for managing the loss of a partner, child, sibling, parent, or other significant losses.

Call (403) 955-8011
Visit their Website

Hospice Calgary

Hospice Calgary provides support for families who are experiencing loss through death. There is a Children’s Grief Centre that supports children, teenagers and their families, too.

Call (403) 263-4525
Visit their Website