Host A Fundraiser

Care to raise funds for the cause?

Your energy, ideas and motivation can inspire the people around you to give and get involved. We’re thrilled to have your support. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful and creative individuals who plan, design and execute their own events and
initiatives. Whether you’re throwing a party or running a marathon – we’d love to hear about your next brilliant idea.

Fundraisers can involve:

Download our fundraising guidelines package here.

Download our fundraising application form here. 

For more information about holding a fundraiser, please contact us at or call 403-290-0110.

Have we got some FUNdraising stories for you!

How to do a fundraiser

Step 1: Decide what type of fundraiser you’d like to host. Consider ideas such as how many people you will invite, where you will hold the event, what resources you’ll need. Check out the helpful info package here.

Step 2: Fill out a Fundraising Event Application form, and submit it to the Alzheimer Society of Calgary either by email –, mail or in person, at our office – 800-7015 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 2K6.

Step 3: Wait for approval.

Step 4: Sign the agreement.

Step 5: Plan and execute your event.

Step 6: Provide funds collected to the Alzheimer Society of Calgary.

Step 7: If time permits, come into the office so that we can thank you personally.

Ideas to get you started...

At work

Wine Survivor: Ask staff to bring in a bottle of wine and $10 to participate, then choose a date to hold a draw. Keep the fun going by extending the draw another week or two; each week participants want to stay in the draw will cost them an additional $5. The winner wins all of the bottles!

Wear Jeans to Workday: Everyone loves the opportunity to dress down at the office. Schedule a workday and send out a message to co-workers, inviting them to donate a specific amount in order to wear jeans to work for a day. 

Potluck Lunch: Decide a date and location to hold your potluck. Ask co-workers to prepare and contribute a meal, and ask them to donate a specific amount (e.g. $10) to take part and sample all the delicious dishes people have brought with them. 

At home

Coffee/Tea Social: Select a day and time, create an invitation and invite friends and neighbours over. Have fun with a theme such as Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea, traditional high tea; coffee and cake sampler, etc. Interested in hosting a Coffee Break® event? We can help. Ask us for more information about this fundraiser.

Yard Sale: You can do this by yourself or collaborate with your neighbours to host a larger event. Purge items you are no longer using. 

In your community

Bingo Night: Decide whether you want to host the event at your local community hall for a larger group, or in your living room for a smaller group of friends. Select a night, send out an invite to friends or advertise it in your local newsletter. Print out bingo sheets and calling cards (there are lots of websites offering free ones for download), then make your own bingo balls or purchase them from a party store. Charge a specific amount per game (e.g. $2), or offer unlimited games for a larger amount (such as $30).

Host a Bake Sale: Set a date, create a fun invitation and invite friends, neighbours or colleagues to sample or contribute their favourite baked goods. To make it even more fun, offer prizes for categories such as ‘healthiest cookie’, ‘fanciest’, ‘tastiest’, etc.
Holiday Gift Wrapping: Organize with your local mall to set up a wrapping station around the holiday season, then ask for a specific donation amount (e.g. $5) to wrap presents for holiday shoppers. Ask friends or family members to lend some time to help wrap gifts.

Golf Tournament: Host a tournament for friends, colleagues or customers at your local golf course. Solicit food, prizes or auction items from local vendors.

Trivia Night: Host a trivia evening, and print out trivia questions and answers (there are lots of websites offering free downloads) or use a board game such as Trivial Pursuit. Ask guests for an admission donation (e.g. $5). 

For kids

Video Game Fundraiser: Host a video game party for your kids and their friends. Create a video game-style invitation and ask friends to donate an entry fee. Then gather some treats, and have a fun evening. 

Lemonade Stand: A great way to spend a sunny afternoon! Get the kids involved and set up a lemonade stand in your neighbourhood.

Car Wash: Choose a time and location, and set up some basic supplies (buckets, hose, water, soap, sponge). Advertise your event on local bulletin boards and use social media to spread the word to family and friends.