First Link Referral Program

Are you a physician, healthcare professional, or community service provider looking to provide direct access to necessary support, education, and resources for individuals with dementia? You're in the right place. Alzheimer Calgary provides services and support at the time of diagnosis and throughout the duration of the disease.

First Link referral form
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What is First Link®?

It is a proactive referral program that helps any newly diagnosed person and their family member(s) connect to help as quickly as possible. 

Why is your First Link® referral so important?

We recognize how difficult and overwhelming it can be for families to reach out on their own and ask for help. Often, families are told about Alzheimer Calgary and other dementia care services but will not make the phone call until a crisis occurs. At Alzheimer Calgary, our mission is to enable local people impacted by dementia to live life well. We work alongside physicians, healthcare professionals and aligned community service providers as partners. Together, we can ensure persons affected have the resources and support they need for the journey ahead. As a result of your referral, individuals and their families are linked to learning, services and support as early as possible in the disease process. This process also helps them develop competency and resiliency in their journey with dementia.

Benefits of the First Link® referral program

The First Link® program removes barriers to support by ensuring that individuals and their family member(s) are connected directly to key supports at the time of diagnosis or as soon as possible after a diagnosis is made. The referral is an essential point of connection at a time when persons often feel grief-stricken, overwhelmed and fearful. First Link® increases the likelihood that a person will be connected with education, care and support to help them live well with dementia. Further, it ensures ongoing follow-up for the person's well-being and their family member(s).

How to make a First Link® referral?

If you are a physician; healthcare provider (I.e., allied health professional); diagnostic or treatment service provider; or community service provider, you are welcome to make a First Link® referral.

How the First Link® program works

Once a referral is made, the person with dementia and their family member(s) will be contacted by Alzheimer Calgary. Following an initial conversation, the person will be linked to Alzheimer Calgary programs, services and other community resources, depending on the needs and interests of the person.

Alzheimer Calgary is an excellent resource to help in planning, provision of confidential support, educational workshops, adult day program and other dementia-specific connections within the community.

Additional Program Details
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Does everyone need a First Link® referral to access these resources?

Not at all. Physicians, health care providers and other community service providers will find that a First Link® referral ensures continuity of service and proactive follow-up with their patients.

Any person can contact Alzheimer Calgary directly for their own needs or those of their family members and friends.