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Support groups

Regardless of where you are in your journey, there is a broader community of support available for you in Calgary and surrounding areas. Support groups enable you to share your story, connect with others facing similar situations and discuss various care strategies. They are a safe place to talk about your experiences. They are also a place for laughter, education and healing.

If you need a safe place to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with others, consider joining one of the support groups in your local community. Our support groups are led by professional facilitators who can provide comfort, support and resources to help you.

Support groups facilitated by the Alzheimer Society of Calgary

The Alzheimer Society of Calgary operates a number of local support groups. Pre-registration is required. Please call 403-290-0110 (Toll Free 1-877-569-4357) or email for further information.

For care partners, family members and friends:
NW Caregiver Support Group
SW Caregiver Support Group
Varsity Group
Centre 70 Support Group (Alzheimer Main Office)

Other support groups for caregivers

These care partner support groups are available in Calgary and surrounding areas and operate independently of the Alzheimer Society of Calgary. Not all listings are dementia-specific.

  • Airdrie- Contact Michelle at 403-945-3900
  • Calgary – North: Contact Charlene at 403-955-1674
  • Calgary - North East (Dementia-Specific): Contact Jean at 403-273-2371
  • Calgary – South: Contact Charlene at 403-955-1674
  • Calgary - South (Dementia-Specific): Contact Clara at 403-271-9570
  • Chinese Support Group: Contact Angela at 403-269-6122
  • High River/Nanton: Contact Pamela at 403-652-0192
  • High River Caregiver Group: Contact 403-601-6623
  • Okotoks: Contact Laura at 403-995-2652
  • Strathmore Caregiver Group: Contact 403-361-8000

Other supports available

Family Caregiver Center
The Family Caregiver Centre provides a coordinated source of information, education and support for care partners, including library and internet access; family caregiver education; supportive counselling and community development.

(403) 955-1674
1070 McDougall Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7Z2

Grief Support Program
The Grief Support Program operates within the Calgary area and offers individual counselling and group counselling to adults who have experienced the death of a loved one and are in need of support. Grief counselling is offered to people who have lost a family member or significant other including a child, sibling, parent or spouse; and families who have experienced a loss through suicide or other traumatic means.

(403) 943-3533
7007 – 14 Street SW, Calgary, AB T2V 1P9

Hospice Calgary – Grief Support for Children and Teenagers
Hospice Calgary provides support for children, teenagers and their families who have experienced a loss through death - whether sudden, accidental or anticipated.

(403) 263-4525
1245 - 70 Avenue SE , Calgary, Alberta T2H 2X8

Other Grief Support
Care Centres near your location may have family support programs. Community churches and funeral homes also often provide or sponsor grief/bereavement groups.

Counselling & Crisis Services

Access Mental Health (403) 943-1500
Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens Association (403) 269-6122
Calgary Counselling Centre (403) 265-4980
Calgary Family Services (403) 269-9888
Calgary Women’s Health Collective (403) 265-9590
Catholic Family Services (403) 233-2360
Distress Centre (24 hour) (403) 266-4357
Eastside Family Centre (403) 299-9699
Elder Abuse Resource Line (403) 705-3250
Grief Support Program, Rockyview Hospital (403) 943-3533
High River Counselling Centre 403-691-5991
Jewish Family Service (403) 287-3510
Strathmore Mental Health 1-877-652-4700

SeniorConnect 24-hour Help Line (403) 264-7700

Canadian Mental Health Association – Suicide Services Program

The Suicide Services program offers a range of services around the issue of suicide, including public information and bereavement support. Through these services, the program endeavours to break through stigma with education as well as provide help for individuals in their time of need.

(430) 297-1744
400, 1202 Centre Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G 5A5

Distress Centre Calgary
Provides crisis intervention as well as information and referral services through four core programs: crisis lines, 211, professional counselling and public education.
(403) 266-4357 Crisis Line 24 hours/day – 7 days a week
300, 1010 – 8 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 1J2

Mental Health Help Line - Alberta Mental Health
Provides crisis intervention, information on Mental Health programs and services and referrals to other agencies.

Toll-free 1-877-303-2642

Mobile Response Team
The Mobile Response Team (MRT) is an outreach team of nurses, social workers and psychologists available to the general public to assist during times of crisis or distress. The team works in close contact with the Distress Centre, city hospitals, Calgary Police Service and current supports including counsellors, doctors and psychiatrists to provide services to individuals and families living in the Calgary Health Region. The team provides crisis prevention, urgent psychiatric assessment, crisis intervention and crisis follow-up.
(403) 266-4357 24-hour crisis line

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