Why Your Gift Matters

How much impact can your gift truly have in the local community? Plenty. We’re glad you asked!

Every year, thousands of people reach out to the Alzheimer Society of Calgary for help. Your gift can ensure that real help is available for them.

Here is what the local need looks like right now.

The Alzheimer Society of Calgary is a charity and relies on fundraising for 70 per cent of our total funding. That means our programs are only possible because of people like you – generous, committed individuals and organizations who share the same vision and have empowered us to serve for almost 40 years.

We’re working toward a future where all people impacted by dementia can live life well and we are truly grateful for your support.

Your donation can help give real emotional support and practical advice to families

Numbers from 2019

“I’m devastated. How can this happen?”
“She’s only 56 years old.”
“Is there really no cure?”

Thousands of people call in each year at every stage along their journey of impact. There’s no question too big or too small or for our support team. Concerns include topics such as day-to-day coping, family conflict, managing behaviours, and even suicidal thoughts. We understand.

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Your donation can help people learn about dementia and make informed decisions

Education can be transformational for a family learning to cope with a diagnosis. Understanding the disease and learning how to manage the changes that occur can mean the difference between coping and crisis. Education also plays a big role in reducing stigma; the more that people understand dementia, the more prepared they are to face the challenges ahead.

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Your donation can create authentic, real-life opportunities for people living with dementia

Club 36 - Adult Day Program

We know that people with dementia are just people.  At Club 36, (our Adult Day Program), they are empowered to take part in a complete range of social, recreational and creative activities. There are opportunities to make friends and gain support from evidence-based programs such as art, music and improv theatre. It’s fun. It’s engaging. And everyone belongs.

There are a host of physical and psychological benefits for our Club members, too. What’s more, caregivers receive much-needed time off for self-care

See Club 36 in action. Contact us to arrange a visit or click here to learn more about Club 36.

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Your donation can help open the eyes of front-line staff working in dementia care

“This patient is so demanding.”
“I can’t figure out what she wants.”
“He’s just being difficult.”

Having the right training can make all the difference between healthcare staff and the people they serve. And when you understand the inner workings of dementia and new ways to communicate and interact, that perspective can transform your approach and elevate the way you work.  Alzheimer Calgary delivers evidence-based, person-centred, best practice training for all types of professionals. We help healthcare workers in care settings and hospitals, as well as staff in a range of customer-facing settings such as airlines, retailers, churches and more.  It’s our way of making the world a little more dementia-friendly.

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