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These videos might help to provide guidance and education as you are looking to learn more about dementia. 

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Education Videos

Alzheimer Society of Calgary staff chat with local individuals in the dementia community to learn about the latest in local resources, news, research, care and more.

Sarah and Kim chat about Conversation Cafes
What are Conversation Cafes? And how are they helping local people with dementia and caregivers?
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How can we know which news stories to trust?
Local expert, Dr David Hogan, discusses how we can evaluate the seemingly constant stream of media stories surrounding dementia.
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Fireside chat with Dr Hogan and Christina Frangou
Dr Hogan and local journalist, Christina Frangou examine some of the most pressing and common questions about Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia.
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Paul and Sam chat about the 2019 Alzheimer's Disease International report
Paul and Sam discuss some of the interesting numbers that were uncovered and brought to light in the recent report from Alzheimer's Disease International.
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Research update with Paul and Padmaja Genesh
It can be difficult to know what studies to trust or how to evaluate the legitimacy of what you read. Padmaja sat down with Paul recently to chat about the latest news in the world of research.
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Paul and Daniel discuss Dementia Advocacy Canada
Daniel Gaetano joined Paul to chat about Dementia Advocacy Canada and what it means to be a member of this grassroots advocacy group.
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Paul and Dr Dilpriya Mangat discuss medications
This is a great video to learn about some of the potential side effects of certain medications and some of the questions you might want to your doctor.
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Paul and Padmaja discuss genetics and dementia
Padmaja Genesh, Learning Specialist at the Alzheimer Society of Calgary sat down with Paul to chat about the correlation between genetics and dementia
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Samantha Reay takes time to explain legal documents
Paul sat down with Samantha Reay, a social worker at the Alzheimer Society of Calgary, to chat about the importance of legal documents and how to access these important forms
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Paul and Ali chat about Adult Day Programs on location at Club 36 Seton
Paul sat down with Ali at Club 36 Seton to discuss what an Adult Day Program is and their benefits.
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Paul and Roger Marple chat about living with Young Onset Alzheimer's
From his home in Medicine Hat, Roger was able to connect with Paul and chat about what it was like to be diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimer's and what means to be living with a diagnosis
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Tips for travelling with someone living with dementia
Paul and Sam sat down to chat about what we can do to ensure everyone enjoys themselves - regardless of a diagnosis
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Paul and Padma talk about cannabis and dementia
Padmaja breaks down some of the latest research and shares some facts about using cannabis.
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Paul and Miranda chat about the life story
Miranda from the Alzheimer Society of Calgary discusses the life story and why it is so important in providing person-centred care
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Paul and Sam chat about communicating with someone living with dementia
Sam and Paul spend this video about discussing the importance of positive communication and what we can do to communicate with someone living with dementia.
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Community Education

The Alzheimer Society of Calgary is continually working to increase the capacity of the community and educate everyone on dementia.

Talking About Dementia with Dr Hogan January 2019
Calgary's own Dr Hogan led a very informative presentation about dementia.
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Understanding Dementia & Brain Health
One of the most popular info sessions, “Understanding Dementia & Brain Health” is now available in online video format right here.
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Dr Smith Addresses Common Questions

Local expert Dr Eric Smith addresses some of the most common questions related to dementia in this five-part series

Part 1 Defining Dementia - Most Common Questions
This video covers what is dementia, common types, mild cognitive impairment, signs and progression of the disease.
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Part 2 Diagnosis - Most Common Questions
This video covers approaching your doctor about a diagnosis, the process of diagnosis, and next steps following a diagnosis.
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Part 3 Treatment - Most Common Questions
his video covers treatment options, other approaches beyond medication to treatment, and managing behavior.
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Part 4 Risk Reduction - Most Common Questions
This video covers how to reduce your risk of developing dementia and strategies to encourage brain health.
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Part 5 Research - Most Common Questions
This video covers the benefits and risks of participating in research studies, what questions to ask before joining a study and where to learn more about current research.
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