Bringing Back Some Light

Published: Feb 03, 2016
Bringing Back Some Light

The path of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias is one that can bring up many different emotions. It's one that navigating can feel lonely, anxious and depressing, but it's one we don't have to do alone.

A family member shared with us this authentic and inspiring poem she had written about her perspective on her dad's experience with dementia.

Bringing Back Some Light

I am grateful for the unconditional love
That so strongly lives in our hearts
I know it can NEVER be taken away
Whether we are together or far, far apart

I am used to kind words in our family
Supportive, respectful and mature
And hope that, in the future,
That language will continue to endure

We have all made mistakes
Hurting others without meaning to
But let’s (you and I) stick to our scruples
And speak only what we know is true

Dad, you mean the world to me
You have…all of my life
This wicked wedge between us
Must disappear and stop causing strife

Our family has been affected
Your children, siblings and friends
Who love you so very much
And who don’t have time for condescends

We are concerned for you well-being
You aren’t 20 anymore, you know
Knowing you are safe and loved
Is our priority, holy crow!

It’s been weeks of contemplation
Healing slowing from the pain
I miss you terrible Dad
But I prey that change will reign