Who Will Take Care Of My Family Member?

Ali Cada
Director of Adult Day and Creative Programs / Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Ali manages the Club 36 Adult Day Programs for the Alzheimer Society of Calgary and makes every effort to ensure that program delivery meets or exceeds the expectations set by family members and by Alberta Health Services standards.

He spent the first nine years of his career in the financial industry before deciding to follow his calling — working with seniors. Ali was born in the Philippines and raised in an environment where taking care of the elderly was a normal part of daily living. He took care of his grandparents growing up. Ali is a strong advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves.

In his personal time, he enjoys the outdoors with his dog.

Maria Baldozano
Program Coordinator

Originally from the Philippines, Maria is the Program Coordinator at Club 36 Harvest Hills. 

She has demonstrated a history of working in the health care industry for over nine years and had acquired necessary flair in planning,
developing and running recreation programs for seniors.
She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Education and practised as a college professor in the Philippines, for several years before making the move to Canada.
When she came to Canada, destiny led her to work in the health care field that got her working in the long term care facility, hospital setting and group homes. This prompted her, later on, to complete her RTA at Bow Valley College Calgary Alberta.

Maria's life motto is:

 “One person helping & caring about another represents life’s greatest value”.

Nasira Firdose
Program Facilitator

Nasira has been working with the Alzheimer Society of Calgary for the past 13 years.

Nasira enjoys providing opportunities to facilitate activities that enhance the validity of our member's life and build confidence. Seniors with dementia are capable of meaningful contributions and experiencing joy, they live in the moment, they will not remember what you have said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.
Nasira is very caring and compassionate which is one of the most significant traits in caring clients with dementia. 

Nasira also obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Biology master in Botany in her native country Pakistan.

Cheryl Alwast
Program Facilitator

Cheryl is a Program Facilitator at Club 36 Harvest Hills and has been with the Alzheimer Society of Calgary for the past five years. She loves getting to know each of the members and their respective families. She likes finding out about their history and what they enjoy.

Cheryl enjoys facilitating physical, mental and social programs and engaging with each member in meaningful ways.

Cheryl has a degree in Physical Therapy and RTA certificate.

Fun fact: 
Cheryl loves cross country skiing and camping.

Charmaine Gumabay
Wellness Coordinator

What do you do at Club 36?

I am the LPN for Club 36 Seton. I oversee intakes and admissions, assessments and preparation of care plans for our members. At Club 36 Seton, I provide education to staff to ensure all of the best practices are in place here at Club 36 Seton.

Fun fact:

I was born and raised right here in Calgary! I love hanging out with my dog and being surrounded by my family and friends. 

Joseph Gagnon
Program Coordinator

What do you do at Club 36?

I am responsible for the creation of the monthly calendar and newsletter. I am also responsible for planning all of our fun events at Club 36 Seton - including the Christmas party and our famous Stampede Breakfast! I'm always looking for new and creative programs for the members of Club 36.

Fun fact:

Joseph is a family name for well over 200 years! I am Joseph Gagon the 5th and my son is the 6th. In my free time, I love playing hockey, hiking and playing video games.

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