About Club 36

Club 36 is a partnership between Alberta Health Services and Alzheimer Calgary and has provided quality dementia care in Calgary for more than 30 years.

a group of seniors and care partners standing behind a table displaying their art

Club 36 is an Adult Day Program offering a caring and supportive environment where people with dementia feel independent and valued. The program also provides caregivers with respite and comfort in knowing the person living with dementia is safe while they are away.


Participants at Club 36 benefit from:

  • Engaging in activities that are meaningful, stimulating and success-oriented
  • Feeling independent
  • Socializing with others
  • Fitness programs and games led by certified instructors
  • Music
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Healthy snacks and meals
  • Regular outings

A typical day may look like this:

  • Arrival by Access Calgary or caregiver drop-off
  • Coffee and conversation
  • Exercise and physical games (hand weights, floor hockey, billiards)
  • Group activity or project (baking, cooking, gardening, woodworking, word games, music appreciation)
  • Meal preparation (setting tables, filling glasses)
  • Lunch
  • Relaxation and refreshment activities (hand massages, poetry)
  • Depart by Access Calgary or caregiver pick-up

Club 36 offers caregivers:

  • Respite and comfort knowing that the person with dementia is safe
  • Family events and social activities
  • A connection to the community
  • Ongoing support, information, resources, and access to services

Our Standards

Our Club 36 program complies with the Alberta Health & Wellness Continuing Care Health Service Standards.

Join the program

We want to help make the transition as smooth as possible and help the loved one succeed in this new experience. You can be confident knowing your loved one will be cared for by professionals who understand their needs.

How to enroll

Register with Alberta Health Services Home Care

To enroll, people must be over 18 and register with Alberta Health Services Home Care.

Alberta Health Services Home Care
Visit their Website

Health Link Alberta

Please talk to your doctor or contact Health Link Alberta for a Home Care assessment.

Health Link Alberta
Call 8-1-1
Visit their Website

Once you qualify:

  • Meet with your case manager to discuss your options (special requests, needs and location).
  • Your case manager will refer you to an Adult Day Program (ADP) Respite Services Coordinator, who will review your profile and recommend a program.
    • You can request Club 36.
  • The ADP manager in your location will interview you to assess your overall fit and help you decide.

Meet the Team

Ali Cada
Ali Cada
Director of Adult Day and Creative Programs / Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Ali manages the Club 36 Adult Day Programs for the Alzheimer Society of Calgary and makes every effort to ensure that program delivery meets or exceeds the expectations set by family members and by Alberta Health Services standards.

He spent the first nine years of his career in the financial industry before deciding to follow his calling — working with seniors. Ali was born in the Philippines and raised in an environment where taking care of the elderly was a normal part of daily living. He took care of his grandparents growing up. Ali is a strong advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Fun fact: In his personal time, he enjoys the outdoors with his dog.

Charmaine Gumabay
Charmaine Gumabay

I am the LPN for Club 36 Harvest Hills. I oversee intakes and admissions, assessments and preparation of care plans for our members. I provide education to staff to ensure all of the best practices are in place.

Fun fact: I was born and raised right here in Calgary! I love hanging out with my dog and being surrounded by my family and friends. 

Cheryl Alwast
Program Facilitator

I am a Program Facilitator at Club 36 Harvest Hills. I love getting to know each of the members and their respective families and discovering their likes and finding out about their history.

l enjoy facilitating physical, mental and social programs and engaging with each member in meaningful ways. I have a degree in Physical Therapy and an RTA certificate.

Fun fact: In my free time, I love cross country skiing and camping.

Joseph Gagnon
Joseph Gagnon
Program Coordinator

I am responsible for the creation of the monthly calendar and newsletter. I am also responsible for planning all of our fun events at Club 36 Seton - including the Christmas party and our famous Stampede party! I'm always looking for new and creative programs for the members of Club 36.

Fun fact: Joseph is a family name for well over 200 years! I am Joseph Gagon the 5th and my son is the 6th. In my free time, I love playing hockey, hiking and playing video games.

Mary Clyr Natura
Mary Clyr Natura
Wellness Coordinator

I am the LPN/ Wellness Coordinator. As LPN, I am responsible for admission, assessments, making care plans, staff education, and reporting to ensure Club 36 meets Alberta Health Services standards. I enjoy the holistic, patient-family centered care, and meaningful activities and programming the team provides to Club 36 members. We strive to treat our members like our own grandparents.

Fun Fact: I grew up with people calling me by my second name Clyr, which changed when I moved to Canada as they use my first name, Mary. It took me at least 3 months to get used to it!

Danielle Jordan
Danielle Jordan
Program Facilitator

I am a born and raised Calgarian, I have always had a passion for helping others and improving their quality of life, specifically the geriatric population. I have been in my role since November 2022 facilitating programs and building therapeutic relationships with Club members. I have diplomas in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and a recreation facilitation. I am currently in school at Lethbridge College to get my Recreation Therapist diploma specializing in gerontology.

A fun fact: I have ridden horses since I was 3 years old and competitively done show jumping at venues such as Spruce Meadows. In my free time I spend time with my husband and our rescue puppy Tag going to the dog park and finding new places to hike together.

Nancy Rivera
Nancy Rivera
Program Facilitator

I have been with Alzheimer Calgary since 2022. I love having connections with the members and families and seeing our Club members smile. I am happy to know that I made their day special. I did my BA in Communications, with a focus on culture and languages in Switzerland. Before coming to Canada, I worked for an international non-profit, helping women in Africa to create their own businesses.

Fun fact: I speak five languages, Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese and I volunteered for three years at Calgary Immigrant Services as an interpreter. My hobbies are baking and camping.

George Polley
George Polley
Program Facilitator

I am the Program Coordinator at the Harvest Hills location. I'm responsible for planning the monthly activity calendar and newsletter. I also help plan fun and creative programs for our members at club. I've worked with seniors for a long time. I have a diploma in rehabilitation therapy and certification as a Emergency Medical Responder.

Fun Fact: I played both competitive volleyball and hockey growing up. In my free time I enjoy hiking and playing sports. I'm a huge movie buff.

Sara Nicole
Program Facilitator

I am a Program Facilitator at Club 36 Harvest Hills location. I got my Health Care Aide certificate in 2022 and joined the team at Club 36 shortly after.

I am passionate about active living, mountain climbing, reading & watching The Lord of the Rings and having fun!

Fun Fact: I lived in Thailand for a year and learned a bit of the Thai language. I also enjoy playing the piano and figure skating.