Club 36 is a favourite for people with dementia and their caregivers in Calgary.


I was very nervous about leaving my mom Marilyn (a.k.a Gma), at Club 36, but you have helped me immensely in alleviating the anxiety this was causing me. Not only am I happy with your program, but all your staff are fantastic as well. Gma is always very eager to go to your program. This is the first occasion in the three years since she came to live with us that she’ll go somewhere without us. She’s been repeatedly asking us about when she’ll be back. I want your staff to know that you all have touched us with your care and concern for Gma. We cannot thank you enough.

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Barbara (caregiver) about her husband John’s experience at Club 36

We are very happy with Club 36. We were worried that it would not work out, but in fact, it has been excellent. John seems to have settled into the program and comes home with good stories of the day’s events and continues to talk about things as he remembers them. Even days later, he seems to be engaged in the activities, made friends, and enjoys his time at Club 36.”