Local Stories

There are many people in the local community who have shared experiences of feeling overwhelmed, isolated and powerless due to their journey of impact with dementia. Whether they have received a diagnosis themselves or were impacted in other ways, they share their experiences in the hopes of empowering others. Explore these stories below to hear from real people who live and work in Calgary and area, learn valuable life lessons and seek tips and inspiration.

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Meet Ken and Vincie
During COVID-19, Kenn and Vincie are finding comfort and support through the Adult Day Program Club 36
Meet Ray and Carol
Ray and Carol find that virtual connections help cope.
Meet Dianne and Ialeen
Filling the void for Dianne and her mom, Ialeen.
Meet Al and Joyce
COVID-19 can't keep Al and Joyce's spirits down
Meet Matt And Maria
Matt & Maria share how their father's condition changed their perspectives on life and finding a new appreciation for what's really important.
Meet Judy
Judy and her family's experience with dementia inspired Judy to volunteer her time and form yearly traditions
Meet Harold And Kim
Despite the diagnosis of young-onset dementia, Harold and Kim still found ways to connect and maintain quality of life
Meet Cheryl And Lori
Cheryl and Lori's mother Ann lived with dementia. And they learned to use humour to help them cope.
Meet Peter Maher
The Calgary Flames sportscaster and Hockey Hall of Famer opens up about his mother
Meet Donna
Donna talks about the pain her entire family felt and how they learned to find humour and appreciate small moments
Meet Gord And Brenda
Meet two inspirational local people who found a way to turn their experience into something positive and left behind a legacy in the process
Meet Tracy
Tracy's journey with her mother's early onset dementia inspired her to get involved
Meet Ruth And John
Ruth shares the story of her husband John's diagnosis, and how taking care of herself is a vital part of being a wife, mother, and grandmother.
Meet Samantha And Shawn
In her own words, Samantha tells us about her experience - at just 28 years old - as primary caregiver for her 57-year-old mother, who is battling Alzheimer's disease.
Meet Angela And Clyde
Angela discusses how she's come to find meaning in sharing with others her husband's journey with young onset dementia.
Meet Janet And Danny
Danny discusses how his family life has changed since Janet's condition has progressed. Thanks to the support from the Alzheimer Society of Calgary, he was connected with quality resources and people who genuinely understand.
Meet John and Evelyn
John compares caregiving to learning a new job skill. After more than 15 years in care, he still visited his wife every day.