Meet Sorayda

Sorayda cared for her grandmother, who was like a mother to her

Meet Sorayda, a Calgary woman who became a caregiver for her grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Sorayda’s grandmother, affectionately named “Nanay,” was a selfless woman who raised her from the age of two.
She shares some of her heartfelt experiences, how her family was impacted and what she learned as a result. Her powerful story also acknowledges how people reacted to the news, where she turned for support, and her own emotions throughout her journey.
Today, Sorayda and her family give back by volunteering and participating in the Thanksgiving Memory Walk & Run. We hope her story moves you, encourages you to reach out for support and inspires you in some way. Thank you to Sorayda and her family for sharing their story.
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