Adult Day Program

CLUB 36 is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our team is working hard on the ground, taking proactive measures to ensure Club members and their families are healthy and safe. More details about crisis intervention measures will be available shortly.

Club 36 is an Adult Day Program where people with dementia are engaged in meaningful, success-oriented and mentally stimulating activities. It’s also a valuable opportunity to socialize and make new friends while their caregivers enjoy a break from caregiving responsibilities.

The Best Friends Approach™
A model of care for people with dementia emphasizing empathy and friendship.
Opening Minds Through Art
People living with dementia hold enormous creative potential. The goal is to experience autonomy, choice and to be immersed in a failure-free environment.
Music At Club 36
Music and Memory™ is a program designed to rekindle the love of music and tell a story while doing so.
Daily Activities At Club 36
Staff plan social and recreational activities that aim to address the cognitive, physical, social and nutritional needs of members.
Who Will Take Care Of My Family Member?
Meet the staff who will care for your loved ones.
It's important for you to have confidence in the care experience provided by your Adult Day Program.
Improvisation At Club 36
The key to the empowering program is that improv requires zero preparation or memorization. It’s about playing, going with the flow and being in the moment.