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Reaching out to people at the Alzheimer Society of Calgary saved my life. They really understood, and didn’t judge me."

- A caregiver support group member

As a first step towards acceptance of the changes in my husband [after his diagnosis] I made a phone call to the Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary to sign up for a course. After explaining my intent, and before anything else was said, the person on the other end of the phone asked, “How are you doing?” So unexpected, so sincere, so compassionate, so moving. We chatted for a long time.

- A person who reached out to us

Accountability to the community

One of the operating principles of the Alzheimer Society of Calgary is to be accountable and responsible to the people we serve. We are committed to efficient practices and the effective, sustainable stewardship of all assets entrusted to us.
This commitment is demonstrated in the accessibility of our day-to-day operational information and by the professionals we work with. As a charitable organization we comply with all municipal, provincial and federal laws that govern our conduct and practices.

Staff accreditation
In addition to the diverse skill set of our team, many staff members have completed dementia care awareness and skill-building programs and are further qualified as Best Friends™ Associate Trainers.
All staff members must obtain police security clearance and sign a confidentiality agreement.

Club 36 Adult Day Program follows the standards and guidelines developed for Adult Day Programs by Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone.
Staff are Certified Personal Care Attendants, Licensed Practical Nurses or Recreation Therapists and must have current first aid certification.

Affiliated professional codes of ethics
Staff members are often part of other professional associations with additional ethical and accountability standards including:

Volunteer acceptance
Prospective volunteers are interviewed and screened based on the requirements of the positions. Some positions require police security clearance, reference checks and a signed confidentiality agreement. To ensure volunteers have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their role(s) effectively we provide training for most volunteer positions. Find out more about becoming a volunteer.


I expected a few brochures - and I left the office with hope.